I hate my life right now.

My boyfriend dumped me last night after a month of the both of us not talking properly because HE wouldn't share what was bothering him with me. And his parents might be making him move schools. It's all his fault. He has to be the bad boy, the joking one, and now I realise, the annoying one.

My "mother" won't let me go to Taste of Chaos because "It's too far away. Maybe next time". When I pointed out that I wouldn't be able to go next time because of my GCSEs she shrugged and said "Well, the time after that, then" which is completely ridiculous because I highly doubt that next year there will be Taking Back Sunday AND Senses Fail there, two of my absolute favourite bands. For bloody hell's sake, it would only be in Doncaster, it's not like I would be a million miles away!!!!!

I obviously got a really crap score in my SATS because I couldn't understand ANY of the questions apart from the Shakespeare paper, and it's not like that counts for much. So next year, I'll be in all of the wrong sets for my lessons and I'll STILL be treated like a 5 year old by my teachers AND by my "mother".

I have an orthodontist's appointment tomorrow because I'm getting a brace so I have to have my mouth measured, then next week it's being fitted. So I will be a metal mouth. And I've seen what the things on the roof of your mouth do to your tongue and frankly, it's not pretty.

Also, I'm missing the casting lesson in my metalwork class to go to the stupid brace-fitters. So I'm going to be 2 hours behind everyone else.

The only good thing is that I'm holding onto the hope that by playing Bullet For My Valentine REALLY loudly I am pissing my so-called mother off.

The only fucking thing I have in this world is hope, and not much of that.

The fact that it is Saturday night and I am stuck inside makes my situation SO much better. The fact that I am resorting to sarcasm makes matters even worse.
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New my name is sarah

I'm new here.
I'm sick and tired of this Angela girl.
SHes such a gigantic poser, and everyone loves her.
I left things at her house, and now she claims everything to be hers, like jackets and messanger bags and cds.
SHe started to steal my music, not like it was all to me, but at first she hated it, then liked it.
Shes fucking ugly, but thinks shes cute as hell.
SHe thinks shes emo, but doesnt even know what it is.
Her sarcasm is so dull, but she fakes it to fit in with others.
I really just want to murder that little piece of shit.
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Calling all artists...or wannabes...whichever!

Wanna be famous??

I have a top secret project in the works with my friend Paul...

Here's what I need:

*~*4x6 or 5x7 drawings of mushrooms
*Personality. Give your mushroom(s) something unique. Clothes, hair, facial features, piercings, etc. (Try to imagine them at a concert in the pit!)
*They have to be original, unless you have written permission from the creator for public use.
*The minimum detail, it has to have eyes of some sort.
*Try not to have much sticking out of the drawing that has no bulk. (i.e. Stick arms, legs...appendages that can be colored in are fine!)
*Solid black outlines or fully completed is fine.

Please submit your drawing(s) to Make sure to include your name as you want it to appear on the project. You may also include an e-mail to display on the finished project. I will not add anyone's e-mail address to the project unless they specify they want it on there. Web page addresses are fine in lieu of e-mail. If you can't draw on your graphics program or you don't have a scanner, you can submit them to me by snail mail. Please e-mail me for my mailing address.

*I need full songs of fast tempo'd music. (Great opp to get your band's music out there!)
*I need full written permission from the artist to use their song in the project. (eradicatehumans this may be the perfect opportunity to whore your favorite Hatestar song...if so allowed to.)
*I need them to be in mp3 format. This is just a quality issue.

Every mushroom submitted that goes by the requirements will be used on this project. (Unless I happen to get, like, 5,000 of them...then some will be cut from the party.) Music will be reviewed to make sure it fits the desired outcome of the project. I'm not prejudice against any bands...most likely, even if I don't like them, I will use the song anyways as long as it fits the image I am trying to create within this project. Music that doesn't fit will be saved for future possible endevors in which case the person will be contacted again to obtain permission for the other project.

I know I can count on you guys for great results! (eradicatehumans I better have at least 2 drawings from you, you bastard!) Have fun with it guys...I'll be waiting for your sporus offspring! :D
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New and Improved! ...and slightly Jewed...

I'm sic_o_this_shit! I went out today galavanting around town. I was right next to Carls I decided to get myself a spicy penguin sandwich. MISTAKE! Why do companies think they have to change the things that are already good. They totally fucked up the spicy penguin. I know it's been a few years since I've had one, but I still remember what they're supposed to be like! Okay, here's another example: Lucky Charms is always putting those newfangled marshmellows in their cereal. Whatever happened to the good ol' horseshoes, shamrocks, moons, stars, etc?
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(no subject)

I was having a good day until we went to Chevy's and I saw this girl who hangs out with the EX's roommate. In fact, she was there when we broke up.
She said she thought the EX was a jerk but then got to know him and he's just a teddy bear. To that I said, yeah, a scared one. She said yeah, he's pretty messed up in the head.
Later, when I was coming back from the bathroom I talked to her some more and blurted out how he broke my heart.
I'm such an asshole.
Dinner was ruined for me.
I should have started gulping margaritas.
Watch her say something to him. Oh, and hae the wrong idea because I was there having dinner with a guy.
Coincidentally, my friend mentioned that he had gone to High School with her.

I'm so tired of letting this shit get to me!


FUCK YOU BASTARDS! FUCK EVERYONE! I'm not typing it again so if you wanna know what I'm so pissed about, read my latest entry.
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