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Sick of it All

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Ugh [Jun. 24th, 2006|08:11 pm]
Sick of it All
[listening to: |Bullet For My Valentine - All These Things I Hate]

I hate my life right now.

My boyfriend dumped me last night after a month of the both of us not talking properly because HE wouldn't share what was bothering him with me. And his parents might be making him move schools. It's all his fault. He has to be the bad boy, the joking one, and now I realise, the annoying one.

My "mother" won't let me go to Taste of Chaos because "It's too far away. Maybe next time". When I pointed out that I wouldn't be able to go next time because of my GCSEs she shrugged and said "Well, the time after that, then" which is completely ridiculous because I highly doubt that next year there will be Taking Back Sunday AND Senses Fail there, two of my absolute favourite bands. For bloody hell's sake, it would only be in Doncaster, it's not like I would be a million miles away!!!!!

I obviously got a really crap score in my SATS because I couldn't understand ANY of the questions apart from the Shakespeare paper, and it's not like that counts for much. So next year, I'll be in all of the wrong sets for my lessons and I'll STILL be treated like a 5 year old by my teachers AND by my "mother".

I have an orthodontist's appointment tomorrow because I'm getting a brace so I have to have my mouth measured, then next week it's being fitted. So I will be a metal mouth. And I've seen what the things on the roof of your mouth do to your tongue and frankly, it's not pretty.

Also, I'm missing the casting lesson in my metalwork class to go to the stupid brace-fitters. So I'm going to be 2 hours behind everyone else.

The only good thing is that I'm holding onto the hope that by playing Bullet For My Valentine REALLY loudly I am pissing my so-called mother off.

The only fucking thing I have in this world is hope, and not much of that.

The fact that it is Saturday night and I am stuck inside makes my situation SO much better. The fact that I am resorting to sarcasm makes matters even worse.